Exploring the World of ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’: A Romantic Comedy Webtoon

In the ever-evolving world of webtoons, ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ stands as a delightful example of the romantic comedy genre, captivating readers on Toonkor with its intriguing storyline and charismatic characters. Authored under the pen name Chaegun, this webtoon embarked on its journey of serialization on May 21, 2022, through Lezhin Comics, and continues to entertain its audience to this day. With new episodes released every Saturday, 툰코 옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 it’s tailored for readers aged 15 and above, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience for all.


The Genesis of ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’

A Humble Beginning

This webtoon’s origin story is rather unique. Initially, it started as an amateur serialization within the DC Inside Kayeon Gallery. It was in this creative space that the world first got a glimpse of what would later become a webtoon phenomenon.

툰코 옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀


The Transition to Official Serialization

However, fate had something else in store for ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코.’ After receiving a proposal from Lezhin Comics, the webtoon made the transition from its humble beginnings to an official serialization. This change in status marked a significant turning point in the webtoon’s journey.


Challenges Along the Way

A Health-Related Hiatus

Like many creative endeavors, ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ faced its share of challenges. On August 20, 2022, the writer Chaegun announced a temporary hiatus due to Crohn’s disease. This hiatus, although unfortunate, showcased the author’s dedication to the craft and the determination to provide quality content.


A Pause for Well-being

Unfortunately, the health-related challenges did not end there. On February 11, 2023, Chaegun once again announced a hiatus, this time due to broader health reasons. This announcement emphasized the importance of self-care and well-being in the creative world.


The Popularity of ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’

‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ has garnered immense popularity on Toonkor, thanks to its engaging plotline and relatable characters. Fans of the webtoon can not only enjoy the story on its platform but also revisit it on Toonkor webtoon. The captivating narrative and lively characters ensure that readers keep coming back for more, making it a must-read for any webtoon enthusiast.


Don’t Miss Out!

If you’re a fan of romantic comedies and webtoons, ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ is a gem you won’t want to miss. Dive into the world of Chaegun’s creation and immerse yourself in the exciting adventures and humorous situations that await you on Toonkor. Join the growing community of fans and experience the fun and excitement that ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ has to offer!



‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ is more than just a webtoon; it’s an enthralling journey through the world of romantic comedy. Despite facing health-related challenges, the dedication of the author and the love of its readers have kept this webtoon thriving. So, why wait? Dive into the charming world of ‘옆자리 짝꿍의 비밀 툰코’ today and get ready to be entertained!

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